BlackBerry Z30: No Update to 10.3.1

BlackBerry Z30: No Update to 10.3.1

I have a BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5) which I was excited to updated to the latest release of BB10, which was announced on February 9, 2015 (link).  However when I was attempting to install the update over the air, it kept telling me that I was already on the latest version.  This was obviously incorrect (I was on which is the latest prior to 10.3.1).

Here are the things that I tried that were unsuccessful.

  • Reboots (including power off).
  • Removing the SIM and using wifi only.
  • Waiting.

Now eventually I was able to get the update installed on the advice of a friend who already had the update.

  1. Turn of Mobile Network.
  2. Power Off.
  3. Remove SIM.
  4. Power On.
  5. Check for update.

Now at this point I had something much different, it took significantly longer to check for the updates, which of course got me excited thinking it must actually be doing something.  Twenty minutes later I realized I must have been wrong, and killed the Settings app.  Then checked for the update again, and it immediately found it and I was able to start the install.  Once I had the update and it was in the process of downloading I re-inserted my SIM and enabled mobile networking.

Obviously there is the possibility for streamlining this procedure (do you actually need to disable mobile networking and remove the SIM being the most obvious one), but since I didn’t have a box full of these devices with this problem I was unable to optimize the procedure, so feel free to tinker, but if nothing seems to work then feel free to give the above a go and see if you have the same experience.

Also important to note, I purchased my BlackBerry directly from the BlackBerry Store, if you purchased it from a carrier then you might have different mileage based on their approvals.

2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Z30: No Update to 10.3.1

  1. Julien Gabel


    Even though you have buy it from ShopBlackberry, I am always thinking that the local telecom operator has something to do with this kind of things (OTA update).

    Have you tried to update through Link, or via the Web ( if you have access to a Windows or Mac system?

    Since this version already present on the web (as a leak), you always can try to update this way as a last resort (I do this myself using non-disruptive update with Sachesi).

    Best regards,
    Julien Gabel.

    1. Jonathan

      You are right Julien.

      In fact, the local telecom operator has something to do on how the OTA updates are authorized and distributed.

      I am sure of that because I buy my Z30 directly from BlackBerry Shop when I was in Florida, but then I came to Ecuador, where I live, and I didn’t get the update to 10.3 until today.

      Happy browsing!

      Jonathan Proaño